Higgs Comm Releases New iTunes Music Guide Aimed At Independent Record Labels

Higgs Communications has released a new guide for independent record labels aimed at self distribution through the iTunes Music Store. Titled: "A Guide To Selling Your Music On The iTunes Music Store", the guide covers such topics as iTunes Agreement signing and the requirements necessary for getting music into the service. According to Higgs Communications:

Higgs Communications today announced the availability of a new publication entitled "A Guide To Selling Your Music On The iTunes Music Store." This is the definitive guide to placing independently released music onto the iTunes Music Store and earning income from resultant downloads.

Written primarily for existing (and fledgling) independent record labels, this guide will also prove useful for producers, managers, engineers and attorneys who are handling digital distribution for bands and labels.

Covering the entire process from initially approaching Apple to signing the iTunes Agreement to encoding and submitting your music, the guide takes the reader step by step through the major requirements for getting music onto the iTunes Music Store, as well as pointing out the potential pitfalls to be aware of along the way. Special bonus material includes the necessary tools for obtaining and using ISRC codes.

You can find more information about the iTunes guide at the Higgs Communications. The Guide To Selling Your Music On The iTunes Music Store is available for US$20.00.