HighDesign CAD Software Updated With New Features

Ilexsoft announced HighDesign 1.4 today, an update to the CAD design software. HighDesign is a 2D CAD and illustration package, and the update adds new interface enhancements and other improvements. From Ilexsoft:

Ilexsoft today announced that it has released an update to HighDesign, the powerful CAD application that simplifies the design process with a streamlined interface and advanced tools made easy for experts and newcomers alike. HighDesign 1.4 provides user interface enhancements as well as other quality improvements.

The main updates in HighDesign 1.4 deliver an enhanced user interface with extensive support for drag and drop, scroll wheel to zoom in and out and many shortcuts to speed up the drawing. Users can now add symbols and pictures into the project with a simple drag and drop from the Library Browser and the desktop, as well as importing DXF drawings. Symbols can also be inserted as scale-independent objects.

Other improvements include a better compatibility through the support of more DXF features, dozens of new symbols in the default library and the German language localization.

HighDesign is a powerful 2D CAD and illustration program that features advanced vector tools, a clean user interface and many special tools developed to assist the user in the design process. From the first sketches to drafting, HighDesign lets the designers quickly achieve the results they want by providing an easy to use Digital Design environment they can actually enjoy using.

You can find more information on HighDesign at Ilexsoftis Web site. The update is available for free to registered users of the software. The full product is priced at US$149.95 for the Standard version, and US$349.95 for the Profession version.