Hog Bay Shipping Image Processing App

Hog Bay Software has released a new app for the Mac, HBImageProcessor. HBImageProcessor is an imaging app designed to simplify the preparation of images for mail or Web. HBImageProcessor ships with drag and drop functionality and eliminates dialogue box navigation. According to Hog Bay Software:

Hog Bay Software has released HBImageProcessor 1.0, an easy to use Mac OS X based application for quickly preparing your images before sending in email or posting to the web.

HBImageProcessor uses a time saving drag, drop, and drag away interaction for processing your images. This eliminates the need to navigate through Open and Save As dialogue boxes, and automatically cleans up leftover temporary files when finished.

To use HBImageProcessor, simply drag your original image onto the application window. Rotate, crop, and resize your image. Set the desired file name, type, and compression settings. Finish by dragging the resulting image from the HBImageProcessor window directly to Mail, iDisk, or the Finder. Your original photo is left unchanged, and you have no temporary files left over to clean up.

You can find more information about HBImageProcessor at the Hog Bay Software Web site. HBImageProcessor is available for US$15.00.