Holiday Greetings (& Schedule) From TMO

On behalf of everyone involved with The Mac Observer (TMO), I want to wish everyone in the Mac community a wonderful holiday season. If you have no holidays that you are currently celebrating, I would like to wish you a great Monday and Tuesday. :-) The Mac Observer will resume publishing on its regular schedule on Wednesday, December 26th.

Itis been three years since we changed the name of Webintosh to The Mac Observer. Actually, it will be three years on December 28th when we announced the new name and the fact that we had joined the now-defunct MacAddict Network. A lot has changed since that time, in both the world at large and the Mac community itself. Certainly thatis been even truer during the last several months. During all that time, TMO has grown by leaps and bounds, and I want to extend a personal thanks to all of the many Mac Observers who have contributed to that growth. Iill be honest, I have never been more proud to be a part of a community as I am of TMOis.

During the last year, we have seen the Mac platform take its biggest step forward since 1984 with the release of Mac OS X. Introduced amidst a firestorm of protest from those fearing change, Mac OS X has quickly become an outstanding computer platform for Mac users everywhere. With the introduction of the last few must-have apps during the next 6 months, that process will be complete and Mac OS X will be the most outstanding computer platform on the planet.

We also saw the introduction of the two coolest portables on the planet, and a breakthrough MP3 player that has been successful despite my cries that it was too expensive for the feature set it included. :-) The iMac line has been withering on the Apple tree, and the professional series has taken evolutionary, not revolutionary, steps forward, but it seems that soon we will see some major improvements at MACWORLD SF. That is, of course, if the rumor sites are on the money. In all honesty, I think it safe to say that 2002 is going to be an even more interesting year, and probably a far more successful one for Apple, than was 2001.

We hope that you will stay with us for the next year, and weid love to hear what you like or dislike about TMO. Are there features you wish to see more of? Do you have a favorite writer? Is there something you think we should do more of? Do you think that we SUX0® AN SHUD STOPS TALING ABOT THES STUPD MAX! I would love to hear from you, unless you are that last person.

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