Holy Storage, Batman! LaCie Unveils 180GB Drive

LaCie has announced a mammoth new 180GB SCSI-based hard drive. Featuring an Ultra 160/LVD SCSI interface, the new drive can achieve sustained transfer rates of 47MB/second. The Ultra 160/LVD interface is also completely backward compatible with the older ultra wide SCSI standard. According to LaCie:

LaCie became one of the first OEMs to launch a 180GB external desktop drive today. Featuring a rotational speed of 7,200 rpm, LaCieis new 3.5-inch hard drive achieves record-breaking transfer rates of up to 75 MB/sec in RAID and 47 MB/sec as a single drive, making it one of the largest and fastest hard drives on the market. The drive is equipped with an Ultra 160/LVD SCSI interface--the fastest SCSI interface available--and LaCieis unique bullet-proof casing for added heat and shock resistance.

The Ultra 160 SCSI interface combines with the high-performance 180GB drive to provide immediate benefits for throughput-intensive applications where speed is the primary goal. Designed for demanding applications such as high-end servers and databases, as well as digital audio/video editing and desktop publishing, the driveis high transfer rate and 8.2 ms seek time translate into improved productivity.

For even higher performance, LaCieis new U160 180GB hard drive can be deployed in a RAID 0 system which allows video and multimedia users to create simple arrays that increase the throughput by up to 80 percent. The higher speed will also benefit U160 hard drive-equipped servers handling transaction-intensive processing tasks.

Ultra160 SCSI is fully compatible with Ultra2 SCSI (wide) and previous generations of wide SCSI. Backward support ensures a smooth transition while preserving investments in most existing equipment.

LaCie drives are fully tested to ensure that they are cooled properly. Theyire also tested to make certain there arenit excessive noise or power consumption problems. The 180GB hard drive has an acoustic rating of 3.7 decibels, making it one of the quietest half-height disk drives currently available. In addition to being remarkably quiet, the drive has an idle power consumption of less than 10.3 watts, which is similar to previous-generation disks.

The new 180GB drive is available for US$2,499. You can find more information at the LaCie Web site.