Holy Wheels Of Zeus, Batman! Steve Wozniak Launches New Wireless Startup

Reuters is reporting that Steve "Wozi Wozniak is launching a new startup company called Wheels of Zeus. Wheels of Zeus will be focused on developing wireless devices to help "everyday people track everyday things." What exactly that means isnit exactly clear, but if Steve Wozniak is behind it, he must be passionate about it. Mr. Wozniak has secured startup funding for the new venture, no mean feat in todayis economy. According to the Reuters story:

The computer industryis most famous garage tinkerer said he believes the time is right to develop a new class of consumer electronics to take advantage of advances in satellite tracking, wireless networks and more powerful computer chips.

"Recent advances in global positioning software (GPS) systems and antenna technology coupled with the declining cost of processing power and two-way networking make the possibilities for new devices and services really exciting," Wozniak said in a statement.

The wOz statement suggested more details on the company would be found at http://www.woz.com. But visitors to the site were redirected to Wozniakis personal site at http://www.woz.org, where no details on wOz were available.

Wozniak said wOz had secured $6 million in initial funding from well-known Silicon Valley venture capitalists Mobius Venture Capital -- the former Softbank Venture Capital -- along with Draper Fisher Jurvetson and Palo Alto Investors.

There is more information in the full article from Reuters.