Home Storage Server Makes Saving And Sharing MP3, Images, And QuickTime Files A Snap

In response to the current trend of making everything from music to movies digital, Memora has released a home storage server, Servio. Servio comes in either 30GB or 60GB varieties, and allows over connections to over 200 computers, obviously enough for even the most robust home/small business networks. Furthermore, Servio allows remote TCP/IP connections, through a provided firewall, so users can access their files from remote locations. According to Memora:

The Servio Personal Server is uniquely dedicated to the management of your content, across networks, across devices and among people. Whether it is the hot new MP3, the latest vacation snapshots, or your babyis first steps, Servio will import it, organize it, publish it and intelligently share it through a secure and simple process.

Todayis exploding digital device market presents incredible opportunities for self-expression through the creation and consumption of digital content. Photographer or musician, author or editor, critic or aficionado, you know what you expect from your content: to play on devices, to burn on CDs, to serve as a backdrop for the friends and family you want to communicate with in cyberspace -- in short, to always be where you want it. Why then, do you allow the content to stay trapped on your PCis file system?

Servio combines robust storage and a new class of software applications -- Memora Applications -- to give you unprecedented control over your digital information. Click on on our two product offerings to find out more.

Memora Photo allows you to store and share your digital photos and video clips. Using simple editing options you can collect, organize and share your work with anyone on the Internet.

Storing photos on CDR or in the PC filesystem makes them difficult to find and share. Memora Photo automates the complex steps required to store photos and video so that they remain accessible forever.

Finally, one-button publish-to-CD allows you to create albums that travel well through the Post Office for enjoyment on a PC or Video Disc player.

  • Stores digital photos (JPEG) and video clips (MPEG and Quicktime)
  • Automatically generates thumbnails, medium and full-size versions of photos
  • Index page of photos and video sequence for easy navigation
  • Import photos and video using Drag&Drop;into the Browser
  • Manipulate photos: Rotate, re-order and create albums
  • Quickly find photos by caption, by photographer or by date
  • Integrated message board with every album
  • Invite friends to share albums
  • Send photos by email
  • Create albums from emails
  • Make CDs of albums

Pricing for Servio begins as US$1,495. You can find more information at the Memora Web site.