Hook The Cinema Display To Your PowerBook

MARGI Systems has released an adapter card for PowerBooks to allow users of Appleis portable machines to use either the new 15" or 22" digital flat-panel displays. According to MARGI Systems:

MARGI Systems has announced the availability of its Display-to-Go Card (4MB Version) for Appleis PowerBook G3 line of portable computers. For the first time, PowerBook and other laptop users can connect to Appleis DVI-based 15" Studio Display and 22" Cinema Display. Display-to-Go is a Type II CardBus PC Card with plug-in dongle adapters for DVI or VGA displays. The secondary output device can be a digital or analog LCD display, projector, CRT, plasma or head wearable display.

The Display-to-Go card is available for US$299, and is expected to ship by the end of August. You can find more information at the MARGI Systems web site.