Hook Your iMac Up To Your Stereo

Stereo-link has released a new product allowing users to use their Macis USB ports to hook the stereo to the computer. The USB Digital to Analog converter allows users to use their computeris USB ports, much like the iSub and the new G4 Cube, to produce high quality audio output. According to Stereo-link:

We have just released a new USB Digital to Analog Converter, designed specifically to provide high quality link to a home audio system - the stereo-link SL1200. It is available now, and is fully Mac compatible (OS 9.0.4). It should be of particular interest in light of the cubeis exclusive use of USB for audio.

There are lots of ways to collect and organize music on your computer. Thatis the good news. But letis say you wanted to do more than collect music. Letis say you actually wanted to listen to it. Now thatis a problem. See, computer sound cards were designed for video games. Which means when it comes to music, you can hear it with your computer, but you canit really listen to it, enjoy it, experience it.

Enter the stereo-link Model 1200. Enter a way for you to get CD quality sound from your computer by linking it to your home stereo system.

The Stereolink Model 1200 is available for US$199. You can find more information at the Stereo-link web site.