Hot Pants? Keep Cool With Lap Protector

J. R. Hill & Co. has introduced a new product aimed at those who work with laptops on their laps. The company has introduced its Leather Lap Protector, designed to offer a barrier between the laptop, and its heat, and your legs. J. R. Hill & Co. explains:

We have a new product to announce that we believe Mac users would be very interested in. Its our new Leather Lap Protector. The Lap Protector is designed to eliminate the uncomfortable heat that is transferred to your legs or lap from the bottom of your iBook or PowerBook. There is an 1/8" piece of Full Grain Coach leather on top and a 3/8" piece of Sole Light rubber on the bottom which are attached with adhesive and a decorative but strong stitch around the edge.

The Lap Protector measures 15 1/4? long x 11 1/4" wide x 1/2" thick and weighs just one pound and fits the PowerBook G4 perfectly. It can also be used with any notebook on the market today. The Lap Protector comes with our Lifetime Warranty.

The product is priced at US$42.99. You can find more information at the companyis Web site. As of this writing, there is no image of the product on that page, but one can be found on the home page.