Hotworks Shipping New Thermal Modeler For Macs

Hotwork Ltd is shipping a new app for Mac users, Refractory Lining Thermal Modeller. RLTM is a utility designed for creating prototype linings for kilns and furnaces. The app features drag & drop support and graphical calculation display. According to Hotwork Ltd:

Hotwork Ltd announced the release of the Refractory Lining Thermal Modeller, the fastest and easiest way to prototype linings for furnaces, heaters and kilns. Versions are available for MacOSX and Mac 8.6/9; all are made with REALbasic from REAL Software, Inc.


  • drag and drop materials onto multiple heat calculations
  • intuitive graphic display
  • quickly adjusts hot face/ambient temperatures, casing emissivity, wind
  • produces high quality printouts and the ability to add graphics and text to documents
  • database allows easy addition of materials
  • import and export materials
  • supports ASTM and Metric units for both input and output
  • includes full documentation

You can find more information about the Refractory Lining Thermal Modeller release at the Hotwork Ltd Web site. Refractory Lining Thermal Modeller is available for £169.95.