How Can You Ruin A Perfectly Good Apple IIe? Put A Pentium 2 In It

It takes all kinds to make the world go around, and never has this been shown more true than by one Craig Noll. Mr. Noll is the subject of a story from The Inquirer, and according to that story, he has taken a perfectly good Apple //e case, and put into it the guts to make it a, gasp, PC. A Pentium 2 system capable of running Quake, to be exact. From The Inquirer:

A MAN HAS SUCCEEDED in converting the ancient Apple 2e into a PC that can play Quake.

Craig Noll told the INQUIRER that he had worked long and hard to make his Apple 2e not an Apple 2e.

He gutted the system and mounted a Pentium 2 inside, he said.

The article is exceedingly short, but it does include some horrific pictures of the vandalized Apple //e, as well as a few more details.