How Do You *Feel* About Mac OS X?

What can you expect from Mac OS X? Or rather the experience of moving to it?

Well, we wonit go into the technical detail, they are described lovingly in places like macworld, macaddict, and

But how about how you *feel* about it?

Think about it like this: You have a successful little company. You have slowly expanded over the years, and you are now 8 people. You love your office, with all the clutter, and the space being used to the last square inch. BUT... you desperately need more staff, and you simply donit have any space left to put them. There is nothing for it but to move.

This is, like all major changes, both wonderful and horrible all at once. On the plus side you will get lots of space, lots more light, a modern building with modern installations. And not the least, you will know that you can expand for years to come.

On the minus side, *everything* will change. The move in itself is a lot of work. And it is dead certain that for a while you will not be able to find anything. There will be new discomforts that have to be handled. There may even be some things you will miss about the old place that you canit do anything about at all, like the little pizza place on the corner that makes them like nobody else.

But... the long and the short of it is... you HAVE to do it.

If you donit, you will slowly suffocate, not being able to grow like living things should.

And after all, if the new place is built well, chances are that after you get used to it, you will love it.