How Does UNIX = Mac OS X? The Unix Family Tree

Whether Mac users want to admit it or not, OS X has ushered us into the wonderful world of UNIX. Many Mac users do not care about this at all, they simply want OS X to get them on the Web and to dutifully check their e-mail. Others, however, may be a little bit more interested in what this whole "UNIX thing" is all about.

One way to understand the present is to figure out what paths were taken in the past. With that said, Eric Levenez has constructed a very detailed, very complete "Unix Timeline." Mr. Levenez has graphically charted the developmental history of the worldis most industrial strength operating system. Updated just this week, the Timeline in its current form ends triumphantly with "Mac OS X."

For a neat, and rather unique look at the history of UNIX, and thus the history of Mac OS X, visit Mr. Levenezis UNIX Timeline.