How To Start A Business With a Phrase, MYOB, And An iBook

What do you do with an iBook, an idea, and no time to relax? You start a business. As Wired News reports in a recent article titled "She Built a Business in iNo Timei," Karin Spitzer did just that, marketing a line of accessories with the copyrighted phrase "No time to..." emblazoned on them to the fashion conscious. From the Wired News article:

The products have received a lot of media attention, with write-ups in Us, Elle and i-D magazines. They are also sold in such tony boutiques as Collette in Paris and the store at the MOMA museum in Queens.

Spitzer lives in Brooklyn, New York, and manages her business completely from her 12-inch iBook.

The products are designed in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and Quarkis QuarkXPress layout tool. Spitzer designed her e-commerce site on a Mac and operates it from the iBook. All the accounting is done in [MYOBis] AccountEdge.

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