How to Shoot Tethered with Aperture

The technique of using Appleis Aperture software in tethered mode was explained in an article at OiReillyis Digital Media Website on Tuesday.

There are advantages to having a digital SLR camera connected (tethered) to a Macintosh during shooting. The images are stored on the hard disk immediately after each frame is shot, and if the computer is using a backup system or RAID storage, an additional level of data security is added. The technique is particularly useful in a real-time mode where user interaction with the photo, via Aperture, is desired in quick succession as opposed to post-production.

The article pointed to several valuable resources including Appleis Pro UK site that explains how to use an application called Aperture Hot Folder in concert with Aperture to shoot in tethered mode. Additional, simpler techniques using Automator are explained.

The more complex tethered modes are not possible on all cameras. However, Canon and Nikon digital SLRs support tethered shooting. For simpler operations, such as simply tripping the shutter remotely, Image Capture, on every Mac OS X system, provides support for a large number of cameras.

This was an excellent tutorial on the utilization of Aperture with tethered shooting, time-lapse photography and digital image work flow automation with Appleis Automator.