HumanSoftware Ships MagicFrames Version 2.0

HumanSoftware is shipping a new version of MagicFrames, bringing it to version 2.0. MagicFrames is a utility designed for creating borders and edge effects in Photoshop. The latest release features OS X support and realtime previews. According to HumanSoftware:

Now shipping MagicFrames version 2.0 also available native for Mac OS X.

A New Plug-In that lets you interactively design stunning border and edge effects in Photoshop. Comes with over 2000 professionally designed frames.

With MagicFrames 2 you can :

  • Create your own custom frames or combine any number of ready-to-use frames
  • Save your custom frames to share or use over again
  • See your frame creations in real-time using interactive previews
  • Add personalized touches combining shadows, textures, bevels and much more
  • works on Windows NT/me/2000/XP or native on Mac OS X for Elements/Photoshop 7 or CS

You can find more information about the latest MagicFrames release at the HumanSoftware Web site. MagicFrames is available for US$99.00.