Hunting For Some TV Show Info? Try TV Tome

160 channels and it never seems like thereis anything on.

This is the lament of the modern entertainment seeker hunting his elusive prey; a Great TV Show. So rare is this animal that reams of literature have been written about it, and many speak, in hushed and reverent tones, of having seen a good show.

Many a hunter is fooled by the distant relatives of the Great TV Show; the Half-witted Comedy, the Dull-Coated Drama, or, the latest poorly formed branch of the Show Family Tree, the Ridiculous Reality Show. The smart sportsmen must learn about his prey so that he might better track down and enjoy his quarry. To that end, TMO proudly points to TV Tome, a Web site dedicated to dispensing any and all information about almost every kind of TV show there ever was.

Want to reminisce about the first time you cornered Laugh-In? Wonder what made The Fugitive so compelling? Curious about when Space:1999 first aired? Itis all there in TV Tome, along with much more.

Whatis cool is the amount of information the site has; episode synopsis, star biographies, studio information, thereis even a guide that list goofs. Thereis a listing of new shows too, so youill never have to wonder if thereis anything new on (Whether the new show is good or not is left up to you). TV Tome does for TV shows what the IMDB did for movies.

So, if you have some time to kill and was wondering how to track down that Great TV Show, check out TV Tome, the show hunteris friend.

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