HyperCard Group Has Record MACWORLD

The International HyperCard User Group, cleverly labeled iHUG, had a remarkably successful MACWORLD during last weekis Expo in San Francisco. iHUG aims to showcase new and old HyperCard based apps and tools in order to demonstrate that HyperCard is, "...still a widely used part of the Macintosh toolbox." According to iHUG:

The International HyperCard Users Group (iHUG) is celebrating the success of its Macworld 2001 appearance in San Francisco last week. HyperCard fans flocked to the exhibit, reinforcing the groupis belief that HyperCard is still a widely used part of the Macintosh tool box.

Many of the visitors to the exhibit were educators. The common theme coming from this group was that HyperTalk, the HyperCard scripting language, is unparalleled as a tool for teaching programing. They find it to be unlike any other language, being so inviting yet so robust. While many of them said they have tried similar products, it was their opinion that HyperCard held up as the best tool for teaching in the classroom.

Industry made a big turnout as well. Representatives from Northwest Airlines brought a photograph showing iMacs running HyperCard against the backdrop of a jet viewed through a window. The company uses HyperCard to track the maintenance of their jet passenger aircraft. Representatives for one of Nabiscois plants abroad expressed commitment to using Macs in the factory because they run the factory on HyperCard. From within the Mac industry, Micromat, makers of TechTool Pro, runs everything from phones to accounting with HyperCard. Kagi, the software payment processing company, was born on HyperCard and recently made substantial competitive strides against competitor Digital River by implementing new services written in HyperCard, saving time and money. The unifying message these visitors wanted to convey is that HyperCard fits their needs more precisely than any other solution, and this brings Macs into their business environment.

You can find more information at the International HyperCard User Group Web site.