HyperGames Centre 3.0 and HyperGames 3.0 Released

HyperInfo Canada has posted HyperGames Centre 3.0 and HyperGames 3.0 on its servers. The multimedia stand-alone application and multimedia HyperCard stack offer more than 80 games and utilities. According to HyperInfo:

Creative games include an acclaimed Pong clone, a Pac-Man clone, animations, music makers, mathematical puzzles, educational quizzes, clocks and calendars, a periodic table game, and much much more. Original HyperTalk utilities include a Find/Replace function, an Internet data converter, an automatic index generator, a progress bar, synchronised multiple scrolling fields, etc. HyperGames is also an ideal vehicle to learn scripting, as well as to demonstrate the awesome power of HyperCard!

  • HyperGames Centre and HyperGames have been "battle-tested" with real kids. In fact, many of the games were conceived by kids, and most of the graphics were drawn by kids (8, 6, and 4 years old). HyperGames can be enjoyed in HyperCard Player, but you can extend the games and utilities yourself if you take full advantage of HyperCard. HyperGames Centre and HyperGames have colour, but most of the games and utilities function well on a black & white monitor.
  • The multimedia software is available directly online.

HyperGames is available for US$10 and you can find more information about it at HyperInfois Web site.