Hyper/Super/Meta-Card Tool Updated

Paradigma Software has announced the release of Valentina XCMD and Valentina Technology Release 1.8.6. The update adds speed improvements and cross platform functionality for MetaCard. According to Paradigma Software:

Valentina XCMD works with any Macintosh "card" scripting tool, including Appleis HyperCard, IncWell SuperCard, and MetaCard. Third party developers have also created special wrappers for using Valentina XCMD with Userlandis Frontier, MacPerl and Futurebasic. VXCMD also includes a Windows component to support MetaCard Corporationis cross-platform tool, MetaCard.

Valentina XCMD is based on the Valentina database kernel, an ultra-fast database solution for software developers. Valentina solutions are available for REAL Softwareis REALbasic, Macromedia Director, Metrowerks CodeWarrior, Microsoft C++ , Purity Softwareis WebSiphon, Visual Basic and Java.

Paradigma Software also makes available Valentina Technology Release 1.8.6, which enhance all Valentina kernel based products. Technology Release 1.8.6 introduces dramatic speed improvements in VarChar indexing, and eliminates any dependencies on Quicktime on MacOS for rendering of graphics. The release also includes numerous fixes across the product line, and improvements in Valentina caching.

Valentina XCMD is available for purchase from US$199 or $299, depending on configuration. You can find more information about iat at Paradigma Softwareis Web site.