Hyperbolic Releases Maintenance Update For Maigret

Hyperbolic Software has released an update for Maigret, bringing it to version 1.0b4. Maigret is a utility designed for file searching within email applications. The update features numerous fixes and improved searching. According to Hyperbolic Software:

Hyperbolic Software releases a new tool application.

Maigret is a plugin-based application that allows for rapid searches. The actual release comes Mail Search: a plugin that allows you to search the contents of any e-mail stored in the commonly-used canonical mbox format.

Automatically, Mail Search manages the mailboxes of the most widely used e-mails applications, like Mail, Eudora and Mozilla. Mail Search is very simple to use, open the application, type the word to search for and click on the search button. Thatis it!

Whatis new:

Mail Search - plugin

  • Added the incremental search method option
  • Fixed a little bug in the index algorithm
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes crashes Maigret when attempting to save in the Word format
  • Fixed some cosmetic bugs

Maigret - application

  • Improved the management of the interface of the plugins

You can find more information about the Maigret update at the Hyperbolic Software Web site. Maigret 1.0b4 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$25.00.