I-Trap For Mac To Debut At Graph Expo

Lucid Dream Software will debut a Mac version of I-Trap at this years Graph Expo. I-Trap is a utility designed for professional printing environments. The Mac version features Harlequin workflow integration and cross-platform compatibility. According to Lucid Dream Software:

Lucid Dream Software, developer of the TIFF/ITflow and OnTimeProof software solutions, will introduce a Macintosh version of I-Trap™, the first major upgrade for Harlequin® in-RIP trapping, at Graph Expo, Booth 4548.

The Macintosh version of the I-Trapping software system will allow users to RIP a file on a PC workstation, then trap it on a Macintosh system. I-Trap is ideal for a wide range of print shops and printing applications including package, large format, and high quality print jobs.

I-Trap integrates easily within a Harlequin workflow environment, has independent trap parameter settings, and features a Harlequin native interface. The plug-in works with virtually any vendoris ScriptWorks RIP and provides high-quality trapping for both PostScript® and PDF workflows.

You can find more information about the I-Trap release at the Lucid Dream Software Web site. I-Trap is available for US$4,695.00.