IBM Announces Lotus Notes Upgrade 7.0.2

IBM announced an upgrade to Lotus Notes, version 7.0.2, that added several new features, supports Intel and PowerPC Macs, and enhances the user interface. IBM made the announcement on Thursday.

New features include:

  • An enhanced user interface and key email productivity features, enabling Mac users to group emails through a conversation thread, to view emails at-a-glance and to save work in progress without having to manually activate the save function.
  • Enhanced collaboration through integrated instant messaging and presence awareness, allowing Mac users to communicate in real time across the enterprise from within the Notes e-mail, calendar and contacts.
  • Full calendaring features, such as group scheduling and meeting delegation.
  • Embedded RSS technology, allowing users to publish data from any Lotus Notes application using an industry standard RSS format.
  • A feature-rich, easy to personalize blog template for the creation of interactive online journals, which bloggers can add or update content to on or offline.
  • The Lotus Notes 7.0.2 upgrade is available immediately. Lotus Notes is priced at US$101 per seat.