IBM Posts Survey Asking For Feedback In Porting DB2 To Mac OS X

IBM has posted a survey asking Mac OS X users if they are interested in having DB2 ported to Mac OS X. DB2 is an enterprise level database solution from IBM, and a Mac OS X port from IBM would be a major boost for Mac OS X in the corporate market place. From IBMis site:

DB2 for Mac OS X

Attention Mac OS X Users, ISVs, VARs, Enterprise or SMB Customers -- We Want to Hear from You!

If you (or your client(s)) use or develop on the Mac OS X operating system we want to hear from you as IBM is investigating the possibility of porting DB2 to the Mac OS X platform. This survey is being conducted for marketing purposes only and in no way indicates an intention to support or not support the Mac OS X environment.

We kindly request that you assist us by filling in this survey. When you are finished, please click Submit Survey at the bottom of the form. We would be delighted with any feedback you can provide. Thank you!

If this applies to you, we encourage you to stop by IBMis Web site and take a look at the survey.