ICC Color Profiles Manager Updated

CHROMiX has announced the release of ColorThink 1.1. The 9-module toolset manages, evaluates, graphs and fixes ICC color profiles. According to CHROMiX:

ColorThink 1.1 is a maintenance release which upgrades from all previous versions. The most significant feature in this upgrade is the demonstration mode. Users wanting to evaluate ColorThink can now download the full package and run it in demo mode prior to purchasing the software.


  • A new demonstration mode
  • Better memory management
  • Faster handling of Color Lists
  • Easier 3D graphing of profiles
  • Multiple bug fixes and user interface clarifications


  • Manage profiles individually or in sets like the Extension Manager or Suitcase
  • Open profiles and view and change their internal settings
  • Graph profiles in 2D and 3D to evaluate devices and the quality of the profiles
  • Detect and fix profile problems with the Profile Medic
  • Link profiles for use in RIPis
  • Rename profiles, including the internal name which is seen in most applications
  • Open images and see their embedded profiles, also graph image colors in 3D

ColorThink 1.1 is available for US$129 and the update is free to registered users. You can find more information about it at CHROMiXis site.