IDG Moves Macworld Boston Location; Apple Still Won't Exhibit (UPDATE)

Macworld Boston will be moving locations to the Hynes Convention Center from the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center for its 2005 event, show organizers said Friday.

The venue change comes after "feedback from attendees and exhibitors prompted us to make this move (to) a more intimate setting," said Warwick Davies, group vice president of Framingham, Mass.-based IDG World Expo.

Mr. Davies told The Mac Observer the move had nothing to do with cost or wanting to downsize the show, but because the Hynes Convention Center is simply a "better fit".

"Over the past 18 months, weive listened to what the Mac community wants and tried to adapt the show to make a success for us, the attendees and the exhibitors," he said. "Moving into the Hynes weire making sure that happens."

I donit want there to be any misunderstanding. The Convention Center is a great state-of-the-art facility. Itis just that for this show, itis not the best answer. In the future we might use that facility again. But for 2005, Hynes worked better."

Mr. Davies said the Macworld Expo Boston show is a profitable venture for IDG World Expo. "If it werenit a profitable venture, we wouldnit do it," he said.

Mr. Davies said the actual show size in terms of feet will be about the same as the previous show, but couldnit give a specific size because agreements are still being made with potential exhibitors.

Mr. Davies said the Hynes location offers a number of added benefits over the Boston Convention Center.

"The Hynes is right in the heart of the city," Mr. Davies commented. "I believe the Hynes location offers a lot more convenient shops, restaurants and hotels that are much closer together than where the Boston Convention Center is."

Apple still a Boston no-show

Mr. Davies told TMO Apple Computer has not changed its mind in exhibiting at the show for 2005.

"12 months ago, Apple said they werenit going to participate in the show he held this past July," he said. "There has not been a change in that decision for 2005. Youid have to ask them for their opinion on where we are with relationship to them being at the 2005 event. I will say that in general weire working very well together."

An Apple spokesperson was not immediately available for comment.

The show will take place July 11 to 14, 2005.