IDG Raises Stakes In MACWORLD Wars, Says It May Bar Apple From San Francisco Show

If you have been following the developments in MACWORLDis move back to Boston, you probably know that Apple has said it would not attend the 2004 show in its new home, and may pull out of the 2003 show in New York. This weekend, IDG World Expos, the manager and organizer of both the East Coast and San Francisco shows, as well as Tokyo and Paris, raised the stakes considerably by publicly threatening to ban Apple from the San Francisco event in retaliation. The Boston Globe reported that Charlie Greco, CEO of IDG World Expos, has responded to Appleis public tit with his own public tat. From the report:

Still, Greco, chief executive of the trade-show producer IDG World Expo, said he could still change the companyis mind, even if it means a little arm-twisting.

"We still have a few arrows in our quiver," he said. And the sharpest may be a possible threat: If Apple wonit participate in the Boston MACWORLD show, maybe Greco wonit let the company display its wares at MACWORLD in Tokyo or Paris, or at the San Francisco show in Appleis backyard. "You know how badly they want to do San Francisco," he said. "We donit have to let them. We might not let you cherry-pick which MACWORLD events you do ... thatis currently under discussion here."

Itis a threat with teeth. Apple CEO Steve Jobsi keynote speeches at the MACWORLD shows are among the most widely publicized media events in the computer industry. Because Jobs often uses the speeches to introduce major Apple products, they are covered by leading newspapers, TV networks, and news magazines, giving Apple a publicity bonanza. Barring Jobs from the MACWORLD stage would force Apple to develop a new high-profile venue.

The article goes on with comments from people in the industry, including some who say that the issue involves a dislike at Apple of IDG World Expos CEO Charlie Greco. There is more information in Hiawatha Brayis full article at the Boston Globe.