IOGEAR Rolls Out 6 Port FireWire Hug For PlayStation 2, Mac, & PC

IOGEAR has introduced a new FireWire hub aimed at both Mac (OS X) & PC users as well as PlayStation 2 gamers. The new product is called i.Link Battle Hub, and is a 6-port FireWire Hub. PS2 gamers can hook up multiple machines through the Hub for network playing, and Mac and PC users can use it as a normal FireWire hub.

IOGEAR told The Mac Observer that the unit includes the standard 6-pin 1394/FireWire ports. i.Link is Sonyis implementation of FireWire which doesnit carry bus-power and has 4-pins. Devices of either type can work on either implementation of FireWire, as long as one is using the appropriate cable, and the Battle Hub includes three cables with a 4-pin connector on one end and a 6-pin connector on the other. In addition, the device works with bus-supplied power for non-i.Link (true FireWire) devices, and can either carry the power from your Macis FireWire port, or transmit power from the optional-to-use power adapter.

PlayStation 2 gamers can now engage in one-on-one combat, thanks to IOGEARis new i.Link Battle Hub. The compact six port FireWire hub allows Sony PlayStation 2 enthusiasts to link together multiple machines for head-to-head challenges.

The hub allows up to six players to compete in any game offering i.Link settings*. IOGEARis new fighting tool is now available from all major catalog resellers, online resellers and selected retail outlets

i.Link Battle Hub can additionally be used to attach multiple peripherals to computers running Mac OS X or greater and Windows 98, 98SE, 2000, ME and XP. The product is IEEE 1394 / 1394a compliant and supports hot swapping. IOGEARis hub comes equipped with three 6 to 4 pin FireWire cables, one power adapter and a three-year warranty.

* each participating player requires one Playstation 2 system and one i.Link compatible game

As of this writing, IOGEAR has not yet added information on the Battle Hub to its Web site. The Battle Hub is priced at US$99.