IOGEAR's Dual View KVMP Switch Controls Up to 4 Computers

IOGEAR has released its latest connectivity option, a Dual View USB KVMP Switch that enables users to switch between up to four dual-display computers from one USB keyboard and mouse with two VGA, SVGA or Multi-sync monitors. Users can also connect and share such USB peripherals as printers, scanners and hard drives.

The Dual View USB KVMP Switch comes in two- or four-port versions, each of which offers audio support, which enables a single microphone to provide audio input to each computer, with one set of speakers required to hear the output. The KVMP Switch is also hot-pluggable, allowing computers to be added or removed without turning it off first.

The two-port version is US$249.95 and the four-port model is $349.95. Each comes with a three-year warranty and supports multimedia USB, Sun and Macintosh keyboards.