IPNetTuner For OS X Released

Sustainable Softworks is now shipping IPNetTunerX 1.0 for OS X users. IPNetTunerX is an Internet optimizer designed for streamlining and tuning network connections. The latest version now features OS X support. According to Sustainable Softworks:

Sustainable Softworks has released version 1.0 of IPNetTunerX, a made-for-Mac OS X version of its easy-to-use software for Internet connection optimization.

IPNetTunerX is capable of increasing the performance of many types of Internet connection by as much as 20 percent or more by tuning internal BSD networking parameters to match a user’s network environment. IPNetTunerX supports over 20 adjustable parameters including the TCP Window Size, Time Out intervals, Maximum Segment Size, and MTU.

A user can save his or her settings in an IPNetTunerX settings documents and invoke them each time at login by adding the corresponding document to the login items list. In addition, the company has included ready-to-use configuration documents that automatically optimize the performance of most common types of Internet connections.

You can find more information about the IPNetTunerX release at the Sustainable Softworks Web site. Upgrades to IPNetTunerX are available for US$15.00, while the full version is available for US$30.00.