IRS Extends Deadline for TurboTax Filers

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service has given TurboTax users an extension to file their taxes due to overloaded servers earlier in the week. The deadline to file is now midnight, April 19th, according to a report at Computerworld.

"If you havenit already done so, please resubmit your tax returns now," a forum administrator wrote on the companyis support site. "If you have already filed, you can now check status for confirmation that it has been received."

"The IRS will not apply late filing penalties to taxpayers who were affected by this problem," the federal tax agency said in a statement.

Despite the extension, many Intuit customers remain angry. One user in the forums said that the Intuit administrators advised on Tuesday to keep trying which just overloaded the servers more.

"To make matters worse, Intuit spokesman Harry Pforzheimer was quoted by the Associated Press as saying "Donit wait until the last minute is the moral of the story," a comment that enraged users even more," according to Computerworld.