IT-Enquirer Reviews Apple's Motion

The IT-Enquirer has posted a review of Appleis Motion. Motion is a compositing application designed for creating motion graphics for video and DVDs. The review was generally positive but cited issues with the realtime rendering engine "choking" under complex filters as being a drawback. From the article:

Appleis Motion is an innovative motion graphics application. However, it is no match for Shake, or even After Effects Pro. Motion lacks tracking capabilities, paint, flow graph, and a 3D workspace. It has no video capture capabilities, but is an excellent motion graphics design tool.

Shake users will love Motion because it enables them to pre-visualise compositions easily. What can you use Motion for? For creating stunning titles, for example. Or to create short clips containing animated graphics for use in bigger projects. Motion ends well before where Shake starts. It ends where After Effects Pro starts, and it shows some overlap with After Effects Standard.

You can read the full article at the IT-Enquirer Web site.