IT.Enquirer Publishes Interview With Apple's Tom Boger has published what it calls The Official G5 Interview, with Tom Boger, Appleis Director of Power Mac Product Marketing.

The article lightly touches on a few topics such as the new cooling design of the case and the possible benefits of the 64-bit architecture. From the article:

The first thing I asked was how important the PowerPC970is 64-bit capability is for the performance of the OS and the applications. According to Boger, the importance lies in the processoris capability to run 32-bit and 64-bit programs without having to emulate either mode. "You wonit see much benefit from 64-bit applications," he said. "Because itis not necessary to have a 64-bit application to benefit from the memory addressing capabilities and the speed of the G5. The floating point unit is more important to us than the applications running 64-bit," he said. "A lot of mathematical, scientific and 3D applications need fast floating point performance, so itis very important."

Also addressed was the recent criticism of Appleis G5 benchmarking comparisons during the interview. The author says that Boger blames it on the ignorance of the critics.

According to Boger, the people who criticized Apple for its benchmarking methodology didnit know enough about the subject. He said that especially the dual-processor G5 should be compared to a dual-Xeon workstation. "Those are workstations used for CAD/CAM most of the time. We ran benchmarks against these machines, and the G5 is faster," he said.

Boger declined to comment on questions about software used to design the G5 and a claim that Appleis market share has been shrinking from year-to-year.

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