IXSoftware Preparing To Make It So

IXSoftware is in the final stages of development for their image processing application, Make It So! As the company prepares for product release in the first half of 2001, Make It So! has undergone a number of changes and improvements. According to IXSoftware:

Hereis the latest on Make It So! from IXSoftware.com. Majorimprovements have been made to the user interface, as well as a number of other changes.

Other notable areas.

  • Spelling of our product has changed. It is now Make It So!. Formerly it was "Make It So!" with the quote marks.
  • Optimize: formerly known as Make It Right!
  • Prepare for Print: formerly known as Make It Print!
  • Auto Process: formerly known as Make it Work! which was formerly known asthe Make It So! (module).

Make It So! comes in three easy-to-understand modules: Optimize prepares a raw image for accurate display on-screen. Prepare for Print converts andprepares the screen-ready image for print. Auto Process enables Photoshopto batch-process a master folder of images, simultaneously converting allfiles to different output sizes and color spaces.

Make It So! is expected to be available in Q2 2001 for US$395. You can find more information at the IXSoftware Web site.