I Have To Be Where? When?!

Fresh on the heels of annoucing an updated web site, Yenco.com has also announced a new version of iCalendar for Macintosh. iCalendar allows for users to easily create schedules, agendas, and calendars. The program makes it equally simple to post that information to the web so it can be accessed and shared by any number of users. According to Mr. Yenco:

iCalendar is a powerful client-side tool for quickly creating custom calendar graphics with related HTML pages and ImageMap links that can then be uploaded to any internet server. It is ideal for schools, user groups, or any organization that wants to post their calendar of events online. iCalendar is fully compatible with Mac OS 9 and Year 2000 compliant.

iCalendar for Macintosh is available for US$20. You can find more information at the Yenco.com web site.