Icon Editor Released From NewSpringtime

NewSpringtime Software has released a new app for Mac users, Icon Capture. Icon Capture is an image capture app designed for custom icon alteration and display. The app features Photoshop support for custom image editing and multiple save formats. According to NewSpringtime Software:

NewSpringtime Software announces their first application -- Icon Capture!

Icon Capture is a simple application that allows you to easily capture images of your favorite icons as images for uses other than simple display in the MacOSX Finder.

For example, you can save an icon as a picture to use as your login image, which is a great way to customize your system. After importing the icon you would like to use, you can scale the size of the icon, and set a color or image to display in the background. Then, you can copy the icon image to the clipboard for use in other applications, or save it in a variety of image formats.

Icon Capture also provides access to the mask for the icon, for use in sophisticated image editing applications like Adobeis Photoshop.

You can find more information about the Icon Capture release at the NewSpringtime Software Web site. Icon Capture is available for US$10.00.