Icon Wizards Mendelini.com Release Two New Sets

Mendelini.com, the icon genius behind the icons used here at The Mac Observer, has released two new icon sets. With the release of OS X just over two weeks away, Mendelini has released a set of icons designed specifically for OS X, and another paying tribute to the Classic Mac OS. According to Mendelini:

Mendelini is proud to present two brand new icon sets:

Liquid Buttons X: To commemorate Mendeliniis tenth icon set, it seems only fitting that this new set, based on the very first Mendelini set, is our first batch of icons designed for Mac OS X.Farewell, Classic: A loving tribute to the kind of icons we will soon miss. This set features an assortment of Apple products and peripherals in their 32x32 splendor.

You can find these icons, along with the entire Mendelini collection, at the Mendilini.com Web site.