Iconfactory Announces Pixelpalooza Contest Winners

The good folks at the Iconfactory have announced the winner of Pixelpalooza 2002. This contest is an annual affair that brings lots of icons to lots of Mac users, and some tasty prizes to the winners. From the Iconfactory:

The Iconfactory is proud to announce the conclusion of this yearis Pixelpalooza Icon Design contest. The Grand Prize, Runner-Up and Peopleis Choice Winners have been determined and the results are now posted for public viewing and download at the factory.

Pixelpalooza has been held annually for the past six years. This yearis contest garnered 144 entries from countries around the world and represents the best and brightest talent in the field of icon design. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this yearis contest was the huge increase in Mac OS X entries, over 77 total. This represents a four-fold increase over OS X entries for last yearis contest and speaks volumes about the adoption of Appleis Mac OS X operating system.

Pixelpalooza 2002 was made possible by generous donations from Aladdin Systems, Font Diner, Fonthead Design, The Macsurfshop, Microsoft, Panic, Software & Things and Vizspring Software. Each of the Grand Prize winners, will surf away with a brand new Apple iPod as well as other great goodies from our contest sponsors.

We invite you to stop by The Iconfactory to download the winning sets today.

You can find more information, including the winning submissions at the Pixelpalooza home page.