Iconfactory Helps Turn Your OS 9 Desktop Into An Aquarium

Iconfactory has released a new icon set targeted at non-OS X user, the MacQuarium set. As you might guess from the name, the MacQuarium set contains a host of images to help make your OS 8/9 desktop look like an aquarium. According to Iconfactory:

While much of the hoopla in Macintosh circles has been focused on OS X and the snazzy new icon formats it offers, the majority of users are using older Mac OSis and loving it. Our latest icon release is for just such people.

Kate Englandis MacQuarium collection was designed and created especially for pre-OS X users in glorious 256 colors using the classic 32x32 pixel canvas. So just what is the MacQuarium set about? Its a quick and easy way to enjoy a Macintosh aquarium on your desktop without going through the work of converting that old Mac SE into an actual fish tank. Evidently there is something reassuring about seeing goldfish swimming around where your motherboard used to be, because quite a few people have done it.

MacQuarium picks up where the real thing leaves off however and offers iBook and iMacquariums, plus a host of fish and fish related icons for you to enjoy. So stop by The Iconfactory today and see what you can reel in. And thatis no fish story (sorry, we had to say it).

You can find more information, and download the latest icon set, at the Iconfactory Web site.