Iconfactory Prepares Mac OS X Icon Releases

Iconfactory has announced its Mac OS X Fest. The entire week following the release of Mac OS X, Iconfactory will release a new OS X specific icon set each day. This is a great way to get Appleis brand new OS looking the way you want it. According to Iconfactory:

So youive been counting the days until Apple Computer releases its long awaited masterpiece, OS X, but you say you donit want to upgrade until you can find some decent icons to replace all those "old news" Aqua ones. Well, we have a treat in store for you.

The Webis premiere source for quality freeware Mac icons, The Iconfactory, is pleased to announce that Monday, March 26th through Friday, March 30th is OS X Fest at the factory. In order to celebrate the release of the new OS on the 24th, we will be releasing a new OS X savvy icon set every day of the week. What kinds of icons will be released? We wonit tell (that would spoil all the fun), but donit look for stock photos or cheesy 3D renders, because if its from the IF workers, then you know only the best will do.

So save your pennies for that bright and shiny new operating system, and be here on Monday, March 26th for the first release of The Iconfactoryis OS X Fest. See you there!

You can find more information about the forthcoming OS X Fest at the Iconfactory Web site.