Iconfactory Releases Las Vegas Volume 2 Icons

Iconfactory has released a new set of icons, called Las Vegas Volume 2. The collection picks up where the first volume left off, with icons of the Las Vegas strip, and related images. From Iconfactory:

Announcing the factoryis latest freeware icon collection - Las Vegas Vol. 2 from Iconfactory artist Kate England. These graphic and bold icons pick up where volume one left off - on the Vegas strip and ready for action. If youive been caught up in the popularity of poker and games of chance sweeping the nation, then these icons will feel right at home on your Macintosh or Windows desktop. Las Vegas 2 is also available as a handy Pixadex iContainer. Donit wait, head over to the Showroom today before someone else hits your jackpot!

Las Vegas Volume 2 and other collections of icons are available free of charge at Iconfacoryis Web site.