Icontraband Releases Margin 1.0 Mac OS X System Icon Replacement Set

Icontraband announced this week Margin 1.0, a new system icon replacement set for Mac OS X. The set also comes in formats that support Windows and Candybar, as well as PNG. Each of the sets comes with full-size Leopard and Vista variations, as well as a "snappy" wallpaper image.

Icontraband is a new GUI site run by Mike Mendelson, a long time Mac icon designer. TMO readers may remember that he designed a set of iCons for TMO a few years ago. Icontraband is not only Mr. Mendelsohnis vehicle for releasing his own icons and system enhancements, it also follows broad GUI-related development in the Mac world.

Apple named Margin 1.0 a Staff Pick at the Download site, and Mr. Mendelsohn noted that he would be updating the Margin set in the future.

Icons from the Margin 1.0 set from Icontraband