Id Software Gets Rip-Roaring Performance With New Wolfenstein On Mac OS X spotted some rather interesting comments from id Softwareis Graeme Devine on the performance of Mac OS X. Mr. Devine is id Softwareis resident Mac/Mac OS X/AltiVec guru and is working on the next generation FPS Wolfenstein. According to a recent .plan update from Mr. Devine, he has been getting three times the performance from a dual-800 MHz G4 than from a dual 800 MHz Pentium III. Better yet, the comments include information on getting a "bleeding edge" copy of the game from his iDisk. From the .plan update:

Mac stuff.

The OS X build is looking good. On my G4 dual 800 with a GeForce 3 card I get 90fps in game, while on my P3 dual 800 with a GeForce 3 I get 30fps on the same settings.

Iive been running it on my machine without problem, in game and out. However, Iim using a developer build of 10.1 (5G48), and Iive not tested across anything else. Iill continue to do that tomorrow before putting out a general public release.

Meanwhile, if you want to play the BLEEDING edge client, you can grab it from my iTools public folder (graemedevine). Youill need to have downloaded and installed a full PC build because this is just the app, so this limits the # of [types] you that can play it to experts and desperate types. Iive been updating the build here for people to test on since I only have a few OS X machines here to play with.

Please ONLY send bug reports on this build to me ( and try to include a clear step by step way to replicate the error you have. Please also include the OS X build you have running and what kind of video card you have installed.

You can read the report at that Web site. Thanks to Observer Pappa for giving us the heads up for this story.