Idea Managing Word Processor Released

ideaSpiral helps tame wild ideas. A new OS 9 and OS X compatible version of this word processor from midnite.liteman is designed to help you manage project ideas. From the press release:

midnite.liteman today released its creativity aid, ideaSpiral. Everyone knows that the Mac is the ultimate creativity machine, and now everyone using the Mac for their creative projects can organize their thoughts and record their inspiration using ideaSpiral.

ideaSpiral provides a new kind of word processing environment that helps you keep track of your ideas and projects. ideaSpiral enables you to store multiple text entries in one file and to organize them in a hierarchical list stored in a floating window. By clicking on an item in the list, you can display the corresponding text entry. There are also several tools available that facilitate organizing and sorting in order to keep them exactly how you want them.

When working with creative projects on your computer, you tend to build up a pretty big collection of text files. No matter how well you name them, it can often take a while to find the one that you are looking for. The purpose of ideaSpiral is to keep all of these text files in a single file dedicated to the particular project. Now you can use the organizational tools in ideaSpiral to make sure that you do not waste unnecessary time while working on your computer.

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