If Monks Had Macs Now Shipping

Rivertext Software is now shipping "If Monks had Macs" for Mac users. "If Monks had Macs" is an interactive library of art, literature, games and more. The app ships with a new solitaire game and a journal tool. According to Rivertext Software:

Rivertext Software today announced the immediate availability of "If Monks had Macs", a hearty stew of interactive books, games, art, music, and more, for Macintosh.

"Legendary - almost defies description!" was MacUser magazineis description of the original "If Monks had Macs", released in 1988.

The text is provocative, deep, and beautifully illustrated. The volume on the White Rose resistance to the Nazis features the photos and memoirs of one of their surviving members, the music of Beethoven, Schubert and Bach, the art of the German Expressionists, and a new focus on the relationship between art and resistance.

The 24 volumes in the new edition of the "If Monks..." library include a new game and a new tool. The newest game, Killing Time, is a solitaire game for monks. Now everyone can "kill time without injuring eternity" - everyone can practice safe solitaire. The new version of the unique "If Monks..." "threaded" journal is a tool for exploring your inner world. Sophie, the e-book reader, is for exploring the world outside.

You can find more information about "If Monks had Macs" at the Rivertext Software Web site. "If Monks had Macs" is available for US$29.00.