If Only Star Wars: Episode I Had Featured An iPod...

Appleis iPod is a wonder in a while plastic and metal case. People donit just like their iPods, they have made them a part of their lives. There are sites like the iPod Lounge that show pictures of iPods in nearly every place around the world -- from Moscow, to the Himalayas, to Boston, to the Grand Canyon -- and itis hard to find a TV commercial these days that doesnit feature the iPod.

People even love talking about their iPods -- just check out our forums for proof. One person has even created a movie that literally has to be seen to be believed. "iPodrace," hosted at the .Mac home page of .Mac member "jscct," depicts Santa Claus racing a Star Wars Pod Racer that bears a more than passing resemblance to an iPod. Oh, and Santa puts on a Steve Jobs mask, too, but we donit know what thatis about.

Cool movie!

Nonetheless, the movieis an absolute hoot, and you have got to see it. Weid like to thank forum member akcarver for pointing out this really cool movie.