If Then Software Releases New OS X Direcory Browser

If Then Software is shipping a new app for Mac users, D.B. Cooper D.B. Cooper is a utility designed for accessing hidden directories on restoration media. The app features support for image extracting and directory browsing. According to If Then Software:

D.B. Cooper is a new utility to allow you to browse the contents of the "secret" directories contained on Mac OS X restore CDis and DVDis.

You can extract the hidden images, including AppleWorks, iDVD, Quicken, etc. without having to use Appleis software restore software. For example, you could use a PowerBook restore DVD on an iMac flat panel if you chose--normally, a warning will appear telling you that you cannot do that with the Apple Installer utility!

You can find more information about the D.B. Cooper release at the If Then Software Web site. D.B. Cooper is available as donationware.