If Then Software Releases Version 2.0 Of VideoCalc X

If Then Software has released a new version of VideoCalc X, bringing it to version 2.0. VideoCalc X is a utility designed for calculating the ratio of free hard drive space for video footage. The latest version features auto-calculating fields and new graphics. According to If Then Software:

VideoCalc X 2.0 has been released for Mac OS X.

VCX is probably the easiest way to answer the question: "How much hard drive space will X amount of minutes (or hours) of video take to capture?" VCX is a great tool for iMovie users who wish to know the free space on their hard drive and how much space a certain amount of video will take up on that hard drive.

While VCX doesnit have all the bells and whistles of other video calculators, it does make up in speed & ease of use.

New in version 2.0:

  • Auto-calculating fields. No buttons to push!
  • The program figures out how much free space is on your startup drive automatically
  • Figure out how many hours or minutes of video can be captured
  • New graphics & icon

You can find more information about the latest VideoCalc X release at the If Then Software Web site. VideoCacl X is available as donationware.