If Then Software Shipping DeepSix

If Then Software is now shipping DeepSix for Mac users. DeeSix is a utility designed for removing problematic font related files for improved Adobe and Flash performance. The app deletes the files throughout the system, and can be rebuilt when needed. According to If Then Software:

If Then Software releases DeepSix for Mac OS X

DeepSix is a simple utility that removes some of the font-related files that can cause some design-based applications to unexpectedly quit, especially Flash and Adobe products. First, the software removes the infamous "AdobeFnt" files that seem to replicate across the system.

Secondly, it removes the font cache files from the various libraries across the system. All of these files that are deleted are automatically rebuilt new when they are needed. Normally these can all be removed by hand, but that can be a tremendous time-waster to have to do various times a day in a busy environment. DeepSix will remove these files for you automatically each and every time.

A simple fix that even Adobe suggests in their troubleshooting forums!

You can find more information about the DeepSix release at the If Then Software Web site. DeepSix is available as donationware.